Any home can be smart 

From lighting and heating to security and appliances, the custom-built smart home by Best Buy, exhibited this year at the Fall HomeExpo show, makes comfort, convenience and peace of mind automatic.

Below, Christine Tam, the manager of external communications for Best Buy Canada Ltd., answers a few questions about smart homes and talks about how creating a connected home is as easy as 1-2-3.

What makes a home smart?
Smart homes are all about connectivity, security and making living easier. For example, imagine being able to look into your fridge via your phone from the grocery store, to double-check what you need, or using the voice-activated Google Home to turn off the lights and music on your way out. Having a smart home allows you to control most aspects of your house from a phone, tablet or with the help of a voice-activated assistant.

Can you tell me about some of the main elements of a Best Buy smart home?
Smart lighting and heating automate key functions and conserve energy, helping you save you money as well. With smart security systems, you can monitor your home from your phone and get security alerts on a regular basis. Smart decor, like blinds, furniture and appliances, are part of the equation as well.

What’s the process of making a home smart with Best Buy?
Smart home devices are easy to set up yourself because the technology is super intuitive, but I always recommend using Best Buy’s Geek Squad services to help you out. The agents are super friendly and knowledgeable and will make setup a breeze.

What are the main benefits of a Best Buy Smart Home?
Smart homes save you time, money, energy — and they’re also really fun! I love how I can tell my Google Home to set my alarm, play music on Spotify and give me weather updates; it’s like having a personal assistant. People are busy and shouldn’t have to waste time worrying about whether they locked the door or lowered the heat. With a smart home, you can control everything remotely.

Are there any drawbacks?
Right now, the only drawback is that not all of the devices can connect with each other. In the future, this won’t be a problem.

How fast is the smart home trend growing, and why?
Smart homes are definitely a growing trend. As people discover how having a smart home can improve their daily lives, the technology will only become more popular.

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By Ursula Leonowicz

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